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Friday, 5 September 2014

ES File Explorer: The Best Android File Manager

ES File Explorer: The Best Android File Managers

Android file manager is important to organize the files that are scattered here and there across the memory and a useful tool to copy files, documents, images, video etc from phone memory to SD card or SD card to phone memory.

Android file manager is needed to release phone memory that often gets junked with unnecessary files and extensions.   

Best Android File Manager: There are lots of file manager for Android operating system, available in Google Store. But the best one is comprise with fluid SD card handling.

A common complain that comes from maximum Android users is- The file manager they downloaded does not support SD card or does not read the SD card. That file manager only organizes the files which are in phone memory. 

ES file explorer, file manager, the best android file manager
ES File explorer, File Manager:
ES File manager that is available for Android in Google Play store is a powerful tool that empowers with all kind of Android operations often done by a user.

Interface: The interface of the ES File explorer is bluish white in color. You may face a little bit problems at the time of using this Android file manager. Always remember that the “SD Card: 1” represents the Phone memory while the “SD Card:2” represents the SD card you have in your phone.  

Operation: Just by tapping for a moment on any file, you can “copy”, “cut” and replace the file anywhere else in the SD card or in phone memory or you can make a replica of that file anywhere you want.

You can share any file, document, folder through Blue tooth or mail or available social media like facebook, WhatsApp, Line, WeChat etc.

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Built-in Programs: Es file explorer is a versatile Android file manager. There is a program called ES Media player that can run MP3, MP4, 3GP etc file contain in the SD Card with ease. You can see the RAM usage, remaining internal memory in the widget available in the ES file manager.

You can set a password in the ES file explorer, file manager to restrict the access of the SD card in your Android run smartphone.  
If your PC is running on Android also, you can set the ES file explorer as the file manager of your Android operating system too.

Download ES File Manager for Android : Click here to download ES Explorer

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